Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yamaha CP30

Not as musical as the CP70b that I have sitting next to it, but still a nice instrument.  The piano is built into a road case that transforms into a stand.  I wish companies brought this feature back.


This thing is a monster!!!  I found two broken ones and managed to build a working one out of them.  Took me over a year to find the right parts but worth it.  Took an old laptop, installed Windows 95 and installed EXMP on it.  Loaded a ton of samples to zip disk and have enjoyed it every since.  I'll get around to throwing up a video / sound demo soon.

Yamaha CE20

Three reasons why the CE20 is cool...
  1. It's a FM mono synth.  (some poly, but meant for soloing)
  2. It was a complete flop...  Yamaha marketed it to the consumer market before going big with the DX line of synths.
  3. It's the third FM synth that Yamaha produced.  (GS1, GS2, CE20, CE25, DX1, DX7...)

Yamaha SY2

I live this little monosynth.  As you can see from the photos, the tabs select the presents and also allow you to modify the filters, etc.  It's got touch, making it a very expressive synth for solos and bass lines.

CDX 0642

I lucked out when I found this one.  I bought it because I liked the look.  Little did I know how much fun it would be to play.  I especially like the ribbon strip above the lower manual.  I threw up a quick audio sample.  This just scratches the surface...  More to come.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Casio - CK-500

To the casual eye it looks like one of those wacky Casio combos.  Boombox + keyboard = Casio?  What alot of people don't know about this one is you can actually overdub yourself with the tape decks over and over, making it a simple multitrack recorder.  Now...  Forget the SSL, let me get back to my Casio recording studio...